How We Invest

We invest in high quality, durable growth businesses seeking predictable returns with a focus on downside protection.

How We Evaluate Quality

Key attributes often include:

  • Superior Product or Service

  • Durable Business Model

  • Exceptional Management

  • Network Effects

  • Financial Attributes of Portfolio Holdings

    • Durable sales growth
    • Strong free cashflow
    • Stable or improving margins
    • Future high return profile
    • Sustainable earnings growth
    • Strong balance sheet

    Our Investment Process

    • Idea Generation

      Focused and purposeful

    • Company-Specific Research

      250-300 companies
      350-400 management meetings annually

    • Watch List

      Stock scoring model

    • Portfolio Integration

      30-55 holdings
      Quarterly portfolio reviews

    Process BG

    Risk Management

    Proprietary Risk Management Tools - Discipline and process can help mitigate human bias

    Long Manager
    Long Manager

    Portfolio dashboard that measures whether behavior in context of a market environment aligns with expectations

    Suspect List
    Suspect List

    Weekly tool that evaluates 25 fundamental, valuation and technical factors and helps to identify candidates for additional examination

    Quality Report
    Earnings Quality Report

    Quarterly forensic accounting review by Manager of Risk Analysis. Companies with low grades discussed by team at portfolio reviews

    ESG Advisory

    ESG Integration

    We believe companies who carefully evaluate ESG risks and opportunities in their businesses are equipped to create shareholder value with less risk over time. Our approach is non-concessionary, meaning we will not sacrifice performance in favor of any ESG factor.

    • Sustainability Assessment

      Proprietary Sustainability Assessment for every portfolio holding.

    • Focus on Materiality

      Guided by SASB standards on materiality we look for financially material and decision-useful information in our research.

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